Ping Pong DVD


“Delightful, hilarious and completely inspirational” 
Empire ****

“An unabashed crowd-pleaser bouncing between sweetly satirical and sincerely moving”
Total Film ****

“It is about ageing, mortality, friendship, ambition and love. The stories stay with you for hours, weeks, after the credits have rolled. But perhaps its most powerful achievement is to leave us with a more humane conception of sport, and of life itself.”
Matthew Syed – The Times

“Who could have imagined there were people over 100 years old with more passion and determination than most people 1/5th their age! The film is baffling, inspiring and sweet, and it’s wonderful to see how ping-pong has transformed their lives.” 
Susan Sarandon

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This is the Ping Pong DVD for personal use only in order for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home and includes extra deleted scenes.

Director: Hugh and Anson Hartford
Distributor: BRITDOC Films
Released: 10/12/2012